Do You and Your Web Visitors Understand What you Offer?

Let’s work on uncovering the ONE end result people get from your product + market that!


Don’t Know How to Spotlight the End Result of What You Offer?

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Here’s what you’ll get in a Mini VIP Session: 


  • Work 1:1 with Jennifer for 4 hours in Boulder, CO
  •  Jennifer will LISTEN and review your product, then guide you to uncovering the ONE thing you need to spotlight
  • We’ll dive into your truth, beauty, and goodness
  • We’ll identify your attractiveness, aka your charisma” 
  • You’ll leave with tactical ways to market your product on your website, Facebook™ ads, and email campaigns

Smart Entrepreneurs, this is for you.

Free Ebook reveals how to generate leads using Facebook ads™ without risking big dollars.  

My COMMON SENSE GUIDE TO FACEBOOK™ ADS will get you thinking…I need to embrace Facebook Ads, TODAY.

I reveal (without inflated promises):


Why you can't ignore Facebook ads


Tactical strategies that drive results


Key tips so that you DON'T waste money


What it takes to establish trust

Take imperfect action now. 

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Website Design and Facebook™ Marketing

Want to work even smarter?

Facebook is TOO big to ignore in 2017.




High-Converting Website Design

High-Converting, call to action, and direct response landing pages. Visitors on your website should be asked to take immediate action, like download now or buy now.


Powerful Facebook Ads

I’ll use the pixel code (tells Facebook who did what), create ads that are targeted to your dream client, and use your existing leads to generate cloned audiences.  It’s pretty mind-blowing!

Facebook Marketing

Facebook business pages provide a space for building a strong community with your fans. Marie Forleo’s take on marketing is refreshing, “be honest and transparent to help people make wise decisions based on what’s best for them.”

Email Automation

Copy needs to be authentic and written in your voice, save the vanilla talk. I’ll give you tips and resources for creating real copy.

Landing Pages that Scream "BUY"

Landing Pages are designed for high-conversion. Modeling what works is best! No need to re-invent the wheel.

Practical Support and Guidance

I’m all about YOU. I want you to succeed as a smart, modern entrepreneur.  Let’s work together to spotlight the end-result customers get from your product or service. I’m passionate about the possibilities for you.

#1 Strategy to implement NOW: Transform your website from a showroom to a 24/7 salesman by asking visitors to take action.

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Have you searched the internet (intensely) for a common sense, tactical path to building a satisfying, online business?  I did.

Stop the brain-pain. “Let that shit go.”  I give you permission to take three deep-breaths now.

I help thought-innovators and smart entrepreneurs sell the enthusiasm behind their message.

I do this by:

  • Being the calm in the storm
  • Being a gentle spirit
  • Designing websites that are a 24/7 salesman, not just a pretty showroom
  • Driving traffic from Facebook Ads to landing pages that scream “BUY”
  • Automating Emails, not boring newsletters

This is Mind- Blowing!  Facebook is Powerful.

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The service was professional at all times and Jennifer always responded to an issue with speed and efficiency, along with sound advice.  I’ve been extremely happy with the work she’s done for my company website. It looks amazing. If only I had known about Jennifer years ago, she is a must for small business!

Owner, Steimke Excel Consulting

Jen helped me clarify how I wanted to present my website and my business cards. She was efficient, supportive and a true pleasure to work with. Jennifer Rhode

Interior Designer, Jennifer Rhode Design

Jen helped me with the best strategy for our brand and online store.  She advised us to use Shopify as it integrates with Amazon. Now, we’re learning so much about Shopify applications.  Jen is efficient and affordable. Alexis

Owner, Mar and Teo

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