My Story

I SEE you. I’m here to be present with you, to listen to you, and to remind you that you’re enough.

I’m a smart entrepreneur who seeks to work even smarter.

I’m a truth-speaker.

I’m passionate about the REAL possibilities for you. I offer intuitive, big-picture strategy that unfolds your trueness or CHARISMA. Yep, I’m spiritual and channel that big ole’ universe often.

My design vibe is masculine with a feminine twist. I crave CONTRAST in my sensory experiences – it’s way more exciting!

I’ve had businesses where I worked myself into panic attacks (light on, light off) to make a profit – with children at home. It was exhausting and overwhelming.

I’ve been “just” a stay-at-home mom struggling with my own purpose and feeling “not enough.”

After attending EVERY Business Calculus class, doing hours and hours of homework, and meeting a tutor every week, I FAILED every test —for the first time, I was an adult FAILURE.  Calculus, who cares, right?

I’ve felt worthless and useless, crying in my bathtub daily – I was swept up in “future” anxiety.

Until one day…. I chose to LOVE myself, just as I am. 

My soul opened up and I listened, rather than thought. I learned that I love design and I love helping others self-promote their own “knowing.”


I love serving others who feel anxious and need hand-holding through getting into the internet “self-promotion” grove.

I don’t have a tragic back story or an addiction story… I just help people, mainly women, get their shit together with focus and clarity.

I’m an efficient, freedom-lover who listens in stillness, finds beauty in pure aromas, and devours good food, good champagne, and of course, good coffee.

I honor myself and constantly work on self-love. I honor you and want you to love yourself too.

I’ll hold your hand ……because I’m on your side…..

I’m just a mindful patriot who believes in truth, beauty. efficiency, showing up, and most of all, love.

If you’re ready to show up and be in control your own happiness, then let’s get working! 

Are you intuitive in one area of your life?  Is there a knowing that just comes to you?

Then, we need you to share that knowing…

We need you to be courageous…

…..and vulnerable (thanks to Brene Brown)

If you’re practical with a true heart, then I want you to show up, share your special gift with us. 

If this is your vibe, opt-in with an email so that I can send you my Common Sense Guide to Facebook™ Ads. I won’t saturate your inbox with emails. 

I’m so pleased to be connected with you!


  • Facebook Ads & Marketing 80%
  • High-Converting Website Design 80%
  • Email Automation 80%
  • Uncovering the True YOU 90%
  • Resourceful & Efficient 80%
  • Client Happiness 99%


Kristen Kalp is f*$*ing awesome!  If you need help telling your REAL story, she is magic with words and at pulling you out of your vanilla self. Kristen’s new BRAVE series looks f*$*ing incredible. Definitely check her out.

Kylie’s True Bliss Living will help keep you centered in living your life with purpose and happiness.  She is a Lifestyle Curator with a special intuition on how YOU can grow,  both personally and professionally.

Coming Soon! For efficient, driven women.  W-LAB is my DIY blueprint for women to discover their truth, beauty, and goodness to design a profitable, automated business.

Women and Girls that Need Us!

Empowering Survivors with True Freedom.